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Bilingual Kids

First words for children aged 1-6 years.

Help your son or daughter to learn their first words in English-Spanish with fun animations and professional voiceovers.

Words are put into six groups:

  • Farm animals and pets.
  • Transport and vehicles.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Everyday objects.
  • Wild animals.
  • Marine animals.

Let your children learn their first words in Spanish or English while they are playing and having fun. Furthermore, it entertains and teaches them at the same time.

Bilingual Kids English Spanish

33 fun and educational puzzles for kids

Educa is an educational puzzle game for kids and toddlers The game consists of 33 funny puzzles on 7 groups: alphabet, sequences, numbers, orientation, geometries, complete and sort. A fun and educational puzzle game for children between the ages 0-5 years! + For children with autism too. + And montessori games. Kids will learn to count from 1 to 10 in an easy and fun. Your child will easily move the puzzle pieces by dragging on the screen. When a puzzle is completed there will be a funny animation and a cheering noise is played. Kids love this app! Its puzzles are full of interactivity, animations, and sounds for many repeat plays.

Sounds Baby:
Over 300 images and 150 sounds

Animals, Musical Instruments, Objects, Vehicles.

  • 5 categories: Pets and Farm Animals, Wild and Aquatic Animals, Vehicles, Musical Instruments.
  • Each category has 12 items.
  • Each item has 5 different photos and 3 different sounds.
  • You can use it in landscape or portrait mode.

Puzzles Baby
12 fun and educational puzzles for children

You can drag and fit each piece in an easy and intuitive. With sounds and animations that will let you know when you are right. The child not only plays, but also learns. This App keeps your baby or toddler entertained while developing his/her shape recognition, problem solving and motor skills. It’s a great tool for you to start teaching him/her a few words while having fun.

Puzzles Animals
12 funny puzzles

It’s a great tool for you to start teaching him/her a few animals while having fun.

  • Jungle, ocean, river, desert, africa, farm, field, pets, forest, north pole animals and more

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